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Do You Need a Lawyer at this Stage of the Game?

Now that you’ve been arrested the first question that comes to mind is, do I need an attorney? The short answer, YES. Once you have been arrested a few things will take place. The State Attorneys office will do an invest of your case. During that invest they will be speaking to all potential witnesses and law enforcement agencies that have knowledge of your case. Their main goal during this invest is to see if they have enough evidence to support whichever charge they choose to bring forward. By hiring an attorney immediately after your arrest you have an opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive.

Your attorney can let the investigating attorney know your version of events and any mitigating factors that can benefit your case, prior to a decision being made. Having an attorney does not guarantee that charges will not be filed. But, it definitely levels the playing field which already puts you a step ahead of the game in the criminal arena.
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