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Traffic Citations and Matters

Protecting your Privileges

When you have been given a traffic citation or charged with a traffic violation, your driving privileges and potentially even your freedom are at stake. Here at Domingos Law, we do what it takes to protect you from the hardships associated with traffic incidents. Our legal team has over thirty-five years of legal experience and defends each client as if their life hangs in the balance, because it does. Our clients receive a free consultation, personalized representation, and innovative defense. We are not afraid to fight for you and will utilize every resource available to ensure you receive the best outcome in your case.

Understanding the Difference

In Florida, civil traffic infractions and criminal traffic violations are separate and carry different consequences. Civil infractions result in you having to pay a fine. The infraction becomes a part of your driving record, can result in points on your driving license, and can even affect your auto insurance rates. Examples of civil traffic violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Speeding citation
  • Running a red light
  • Careless Driving
  • Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR)

Criminal traffic violations, however, are classified as either a felony or a misdemeanor and carry the possibility of jail time or prison. Examples of these types of violations include the following:

  • DUI
  • Reckless Driving
  • Second Refusal to Submit to Testing
  • Fleeing or Eluding an Officer
  • Leaving the Scene of a Crash
  • Racing on a Highway
  • Driving with No Valid Driver’s License
  • Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR)
  • Hit and Run

Common defenses to criminal traffic violations include contesting the legality of the stop, moving to exclude statements because the officer failed to read the Miranda warnings, moving to suppress evidence seized illegally, and/or showing the arresting officer did not have probable cause to make the arrest.

Traffic Cases with Domingos Law

The Attorneys at Domingos Law Firm represent Florida citizens against any misdemeanor or felony criminal driving offense, as well as against civil traffic charges in the Tampa Bay area. Our experienced team frequently represents individuals against such charges in the following counties: Pinellas County, Pasco County, Hillsborough County, Manatee County, Polk County, Lee County, and Hernando County. When defending you in a traffic matter, we tirelessly advocate to protect your reputation, driving privileges, and, in criminal cases, your freedom.

Call us today to speak with one of our experienced attorneys about the specifics of your case, learn about potential defenses, and create a strategic plan for your individual case.