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DUI Defense

DUI (Driving under the influence)

Being charged with Driving under the Influence (DUI) can negatively affect your life for years to come. Besides the negative connotation of having a DUI on your record, a conviction of DUI could result in imprisonment, probation, community service, license suspension, an interlock in your vehicle, DUI school and an alcohol or drug evaluation. But, contrary to popular belief, it is not against the law to drink and drive. If there was, there wouldn’t be parking lots outside of bars! What the law states is that you cannot drive when you are intoxicated on drugs or alcohol to the point that your normal faculties are impaired. Here at Domingos Law, we can help minimize or dismiss the charge of DUI against our clients.
Driving under the influence cases can be very time sensitive. You have a very limited time to fight a driver’s license suspension and it is important to be able to obtain all the evidence as quickly as possible. It is important to have an attorney on your side to navigate all of the processes of the Court, as well as, the complexity of potential repercussions that the State is allowed to impose.
For first time DUIs there are several ways it can be handled by the State. For the purposes of punishments, they are separated into categories; A breath alcohol content (“BAC” also referred to as a “blow”) of below .15, and a BAC .15 or above.

Below .15

  • Fine up to $1000
  • 6 Months Jail
  • 1 Year Probation
  • Community Service
  • DUI School
  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluation and any recommended treatment
  • Vehicle Impoundment
  • Driver License Suspension

.15 or Above

  • Fine over $1000
  • Months Jail if minor in the car
  • 1 Year Probation
  • Vehicle Interlock
  • Community Service
  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluation and any recommended treatment

If you have been arrested for a DUI and then blow a .00 BAC don’t expect the Police to just let you go. Law enforcement frequently continues to pursue charges against drivers if they suspect drivers of DUI. This is true even if the driver have no alcohol in their body, and has done everything that they have been asked to do. Police will then demand a urine sample. If you refuse the urine sample even after complying with the initial request for a breath sample, you will still be considered a refusal. After provide a urine sample, you will still be arrested and booked awaiting those results. The entire process is slanted against driver and you definitely want someone on your side to fight for your rights.   

Do not risk going through this lengthy process alone; let our experienced legal team streamline this confusing and complex process on your behalf and give yourself the best chance during the court proceedings. It is our ultimate goal is to have all of our clients have their charges dropped or minimize the negative effects as a result of a DUI charge.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI then call us today!