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Criminal Justice

Criminal Defense

If you or someone you love has been questioned, arrested, or charged with a crime then contact our team today! We are skilled litigators and are prepared to defend your freedom. We have a great record of success with pre-trial motions, negotiation, jury selection and taking your case to trial. Don’t leave your liberty to chance, go with the team known for results. We fight to win!

  • Misdemeanor
  • Juvenile
  • Felony
  • DUI
  • Drug charges
  • Battery charges
  • Burglary

If you’ve been arrested then call us today!

Defense at the Forefront

When you have been accused of a crime and your reputation is at stake, Domingos Law is here to do what it takes! The criminal process can be overwhelming. Oftentimes you do not know where the accusation originated, and the process is not one that is usually seen as user friendly.

The State of Florida has a great deal of resources at its disposal when you have been accused. Having an experienced criminal trial attorney on your team helps you level the playing field. Our skilled attorneys have over thirty-five years of combined legal experience, most of which has been focused primarily on criminal matters. We know how to be proactive rather than reactive, even when the odds do not seem to be in your favor.

Most of our clients come from word of mouth, community involvement, and getting great results for our clients. We offer a free consultation for your case and treat every case individually. We look at every criminal charge from various angles to get you the best outcome, we are not afraid to fight for you. We work with our clients to develop a strategy; we utilize private investigators and various professionals to help fight your case.

After the Arrest

Many people do not realize that after they have been arrested that is only one part of the process. The state attorney then conducts an invest. During the invest process the prosecutors interview several parties including any law enforcement officers, alleged victims, and potential witnesses to the alleged crime. They also review any physical evidence and surveillance. This invest is crucial. After the fact-finding mission, they make a choice, and it is best to have a lawyer during this stage to protect your interests and provide any insight that may help sway the filing decision. After the invest the Prosecutor can choose to drop the charges, file, reduce or enhance the charges depending on that invest.

If You have Been Charged

Now is the time to get an Attorney that can walk you through this process and make sure you do not do or say anything that could make matters worse. Domingos Law is there for every moment during the process making sure you understand the process and any potential outcomes. We make our clients a member of the team and make sure they have a voice as we make sure their life is not disrupted any further.

If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime, all hope is not lost and there is still work that can be done. Do not hesitate to call Domingos Law.