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Social Security Disability

There is nothing like being unable to work due to a physical or mental disability, and being completely unable to make a living and obtain the necessary money and assistance which are required for even a basic survival.

Social Security Disability Eligibility

The goal of Domingos Law Social Security Disability attorneys is to have the Social Security Administration find that you are unable to work, and are therefore eligible to receive disability payments from the government. There are two types of Social Security Disability, Title II and Title XVI. Title II, which is sometimes referred to as Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI, comes from your social security payments that you have made out of your paychecks, which insures the disabled for five years from the date last worked*, and the amount of disability payments received is based on how much the disabled was making. In contrast, Title XVI, which is sometimes referred to as Supplemental Security Income or SSI, is not funded by your previous social security payments but instead is funded by general tax revenue. Therefore, the disabled need not have to have worked within the last five years to qualify, however, there are income and asset restrictions set forth by the Social Security Administration. If you are found disabled you may qualify for both.

Ability to Work

To be found disabled, the Administrative Law Judges for the Social Security Administration must find that through your medical records, doctors, and in court testimony, that you are unable to work a full time job. The requirements for what jobs the applicant must be ineligible for are based on the applicant’s age. If the applicant is younger than 50 years old the burden is whether or not the applicant can work any job on a full time basis. For the ages of 50 up to 55, it is whether the applicant can work any of his or her jobs in the last 15 years. And for the ages of 55 and up it is whether the applicant can work his or her last job.

We Make a Complex Process Easy

Our team can assist you through all of the complex and confusing steps to be found disabled. The first step to being found disabled by the Social Security Administration is to apply using the lengthy forms on the Social Security Administration website, however, most applicants are denied. Next, any disability applicant will be required to gather all relevant medical records and await a hearing in front of one of Social Security’s Administrative Law Judges, sometimes referred to as “ALJ.” Finally, at these hearings, the Judge will review the Claimant’s Medical file, listen to the Claimant’s in Court testimony, and listen to any medical or vocational experts, or “VE” called by the Court.

Don't go it alone

Do not risk going through this difficult process alone; let our experienced legal team streamline this confusing process on your behalf and give yourself the best chance of being found disabled. It is our ultimate goal is to have all of our disabled clients be found disabled by the Social Security Administration and to get all of the benefits they are entitled to.

* Generally, some exceptions may apply, please speak with one of our licensed attorneys.

If you have an issue with your Social Security Disability Benefits, then call us today!